My writing career started in 3rd grade

...I wrote a letter that landed my school library a check for $25. ($25 in the '80s to a 9-year-old? I was big time. I still have the certificate.)

After a college degree in print and video broadcasting, I quickly learned that life in newspapers / TV wasn't conducive to my desire need for a schedule. I opted instead for a weekly trade publication based in Manhattan. I headed to the Big Apple to learn the biz, then opened our west coast office.

Skip ahead a few jobs to, back in its infancy and heyday. I went from writing pages of content at a magazine to just two lines of marketing copy. It was HARD. I hated it. Then I liked it. And soon I loved it. The challenge of taking the brand voice, marrying it to the business objective, sweeping on the all-important customer perspective, and adding a dash of cleverness became a puzzle I couldn't wait to solve. 

Eddie Bauer gave way to Expedia, where I was the first dedicated email copywriter, and I learned about data. "Wait ... we can take customer behavior and send hyper-targeted messaging to create more revenue?" (Keep in mind this was 2005, so it was fresh and quite exciting.) This gave a new element to my word game. And at Expedia, the database was massive so there was much to do. I learned, adapted again, and learned some more. 

After five years, I followed one of the Directors to a travel startup. A solid experience for which a) I'm thankful and b) I wouldn't do again. I tried my hand at HTC ramping up their marketing before finding the right fit as a Content Manager on the Digital Marketing Team for Starbucks. Two words: Dream job. During my tenure, the brand was king. And we worked to uphold the Starbucks voice in every single word. I'd never experienced this level of scrutiny, but it made me better, helped me think more critically, and gave me a challenge I hadn't yet experienced. I learned so much, and to this day, I am grateful and humbled I got to work for The Siren. So why did I leave? A little brown-eyed, toddling cutie pie at home was growing up too quickly for me to keep commuting and working full time. 

So, in 2016 Palace Studio was born (my last name is Spanish for "Palace"). And my first client: My beloved Digital Marketing team at Starbucks. Best people ever. ❤️

Since breaking off onto my own, I've expanded my scope and written for various industries and companies, including Amazon Web Services, Amazon Alexa, Glassybaby, Clyde Golden, Avalara, Windermere, Polaris Pacific, and Sno Falls Credit Union.

Marketing copywriting is my first love, email and social media to be specific. And I'm open to new challenges (during COVID lockdown, I wrote my first documentary film script — talk about new and different). 

So let's see if we mesh. Shoot me a message. 


Say hello. ⟶